• Ok WAN IP: 24.X.X.226 / 29
    Gateway NONE, i ahve tried 24.x.x.225

    everything work fine

    so my usable range is 226-230

    i got to 1:1 NAT. Add entry…..
    External subnet IP = 24.x.x.230
    Internal IP:

    everything else default.

    This works fine. NO Virtual IP's no Firewall rules.
    I also tried the External subnet IP 24.x.x.228 and 24.x.x.229.

    all is fine.

    But if i change it to 24.x.x.227

    my comp ( loses internet connectivity.

    What Is Going on?

    Iam i setting this up correctly, Why does it work on IP 24.x.x.228-230 but not 227?

    I also have another single IP address, which i tried 1:1 NAT, it works fine.

  • anyone?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well if they are using /30 vs /29

    .227 would be the broadcast on /30 from the .224/30 your on.

    so .225 is the gateway your using?  This seems a bit ambiguous "Gateway NONE, i ahve tried 24.x.x.225"  How would it work if you did not have a gateway set??  So clearly that statement of NONE as a gateway can not be correct.

    So if there is a network mismatch where your using /29 and the gateway has /30 you could work until you get to .227 which would be the broadcast address of your current /30

    You say 228 and 229 work which would be the next /30?????  But .228 is the wire on that /30??  Hmmm – also possible someone else is just stepping on .227?

  • well i said if i change gateway to none, it works for some reason. but here is the screenshot with it selected as it should be.


    SO 228 229 230 also work. but 227 does not work. for some reason.

    its a small test network, so there is no one else one it, except for my PE2950, my build freenas box, this pfsense box, and one PC

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So your internal to some lab?  The only way it would work with no gateway set off the top of my head would be proxy arp

    If your sure your masks are setup correctly on both the gateway pfsense is connecting too, etc..  I would think something is stepping on it.  Or something wrong on the device your natting too.

  • I have two sets of IP, first one is just one pack of static and the second of is 5 pack of static.

    SO i set up using only my one pack.  my WAN IP as X.X.32.58 / 30 with gateway of X.X.32.57. works fine.

    i went to VIP, sent up IP Alias X.X.222.226 /29

    now when i setup NAT1:1 everything works fine. i can set up IP ranges from 226-230…...

    Now going back to my original problem.

    for the the single IP the X.X.32.58. I changed the WAN to X.X.222.226 /29 with a gateway of X.X.222.225, works fine, I DELETE VIP. i got to 1:1 NAT setup X.X.225.228, works fine, X.X.225.229 works fine, X.X.225.230 works fine. but still when i do X.X.225.227, my computer loses access to the internet. local works,

    This is the problem i am having. why am i losing one STATIC IP?

    More INFO.

    Changed the WAN IP to  X.X.222.230 /29 with a gateway of X.X.222.225, now when i setup 1:1 NAT  X.X.225.226, X.X.225.227, X.X.225.229,  everything works fine...

    Does anyone think this is a BUG, when i setup WAN to be the first IP of the pack 226, i lose 227, but 228, 229,230 works. if i setup WAN to be 230, i can use 226,227,228,229. basically everything.