VMWare pfsense routing help needed!!

  • This is my case:Using VM workstation 9.
    I have setup 2 domain controllers each running exchange 2010.one has IP and the other 2010 is running fine and the users in the respective domains can email each thru outlook.but the problem is; how do I route the 2 networks to have users email across the domains.I tried to configure 2 servers as routers but am stuck..
    Now I wana try pfsense  to use a virtual router.But I am stranded in the middle. I have issues with setting new virtual network adapters to connect the two networks.This my school project. Guys help:-)
    more modified network sketch is attached
    ![network sketch.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/network sketch.jpg)
    ![network sketch.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/network sketch.jpg_thumb)

  • The two servers would work, but you'd have to enable routing and remote access and configure static routes.  What static routes did you configure?  Even if you add pfsense you will need to configure your routes.

    Someone with experience virtualizing PFsense will have to chime in on that, but the first question I would ask is do you have your adapters  bridged or NAT'd?

  • Routing is enable on the server that i configured as a router.
    the IP addresses of my two DCs, are the default getaways for the two NICs on this server

  • Ok, but the routing table on the edge routers are going to determine where traffic goes, so in order for to talk to you need a static route on R2 telling it forward all traffic destined for thru  Then you will then need the return route on R1 telling it to forward all traffic destined for thru

    Also, the default gateway of devices in should be and in your devices should have a default gateway of

  • ;) Thanks..i will try this..Do I need 2 routers or just a single router with 2 NICs?
    someone suggested that option.
    One NIC would be on VMnet1(network1 uses this too),
    and 2nd NIC would be VMnet2(network2 uses this too).
    Try to look at the new packet tracer drawing i uploaded.

  • Well, that assessment was per your diagram, so you may want to start there, but I suppose you could use one router with two NICs.

  • I have tried with one server configured as a router..
    but the clients in network 1 seem not to be able to  ping clients in the other network.
    when I bridged the two networks adapters(on the server)..the domain controllers can ping each other.
    but still the clients cant..
    I think i have gateway issues…
    what gateways should I use on the routers two interfaces..?
    And on the domain controllers and clients..?

    I dont know if I should use pfsense as a virtual router..
    I tried it and it asked to configure one adapter for WAN..
    but this is just a host-only network that i setup..no connection to internet.
    I am a newbie to pfsense..so any help will be highly appreciated.
    I have attached a network diagram, if it helps to clarify a little..

    ![TEST NETWORK 2.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/TEST NETWORK 2.png)
    ![TEST NETWORK 2.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/TEST NETWORK 2.png_thumb)

  • Don't bridge the adapters, you want to route between them.  Did you define two static routes to route the traffic?  Post the routing table.

    Also, what default gateway are you handing out on both sides?

    As far as PFsense as the router….Yes, I believe you can disable NAT and the firewall and configure PFsense as a router only, although I've never tried it.

    Your other option for PFsense is to keep the WAN interface with nothing attached, but add a 2nd LAN interface.  You could still configure your routing... but you'd have to deal with the firewall rules.

  • I have decided to use Windows08R2 server configured as a router?
    I want to try this first, if it fails, i will try pfsense.
    this router has two NICs as described in the previous post.
    At the moment, the clients have their gateways set to the IPs of their respective domain controllers..
    client1 in network1 has gateway set to, and the other client computer has gateway
    and the domain controllers have gateways set to the IPs of the interfaces of the routers.I.e and
    I think I have some mix up of gateways here!
    And what gateways must I give to the network adapters on the router??

    I still don't understand the logic of bridging or not bridging the two network adapters.
    what is this bridging in networking terms?
    I thought the bridge creates some kind of a link, like  for example a serial link between two routers/interfaces.
    Don't these two NICs require some kind of link?
    sorry If i ask obvious questions..I try to ask u the experts for help.
    so please understand that I am only trying to learn exchange 2010 and the networking concepts.I really need to have the clients send email across different domains:-(

    ![Windows ServerRouter1-2013-11-21-01-01-23.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Windows ServerRouter1-2013-11-21-01-01-23.png)
    ![Windows ServerRouter1-2013-11-21-01-01-23.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Windows ServerRouter1-2013-11-21-01-01-23.png_thumb)

  • i tried to follow that link,
    but the routing part isnt detailed at all.


  • A couple things:

    • Your client's default gateway needs to be the IP of the router in it's own subnet… i.e. in Network 1, your DHCP server should be handing out a router option of in Network 2, your DHCP server should be handing out a router option of

    • I'm guessing this is a typo, but you have the interfaces of your router listed as and…. that's not going to work... if that's not just a typo, they will need to be changed to and

  • My bad..the IP addresses for the router interfaces are was just a typing error..
    I will change the clients gateways.what about my domain controllers,what Gateways must they have?
    I will it a try, post my progress here..Thanks again for you time

  • Your DC's should have the router IP as well (in their respective networks).

    Unless your clients are static… change the default gateway via your DHCP scope settings... then release/renew your clients

  • still no luck..thanks for your time..
    the routing has completely over powered me :D

  • problem solved ;)

  • Excellent!  Care to share the resolution?

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