Very slow transfers, multiple LAN.

  • I'm running a pfSense router on a Dell OptiPlex (866Mhz) and using an Intel 4-port NIC.  I had a web server connected to one port (http://madcow.homelinux/net).  To the second port, I connected a Netgear switch with seven systems connected to the other ports on the switch.  I needed to copy some files from the web server to my own computer and was running into VERY slow transfer rates.  It was telling me that it would take more than 3 hours to copy a 250MB file.  I connected the web server to the netgear switch and copied the file in about 4 minutes.  All ports are running 100Mbit.

    What fuctions within the pfSense router would be responsible for such slow transfers and what can I do to speed it up?

  • any interface errors shown in Status -> Interfaces?

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