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  • Hey everyone,

    not sure if this is the proper place to post this,but here it goes.

    I am thinking of installing Untangle between my pfsense box and my layer 2 switch which is configured with multiple VLANS, some of them are tagged….I read older posts regarding Untangle stripping VLAN tags and others recommending getting a layer 3 switch....Not sure if this is valid, considering those posts are 2-3 years old.

    My pfsense box has 2 NICS (WAN and LAN)
    The LAN NIC has multiple VLAN configurations assigned to it.

    My Untangle box would have 2 NICS and would be configured in bridge mode residing between pfsense and Untangle box. The trunk cable from pfsense would be plugged in the WAN port and trunk cable from switch in the LAN port with an assigned IP say:

    I read on the untangle wiki that I would need to configure VLANS in Untangle to match the ones one the switch and configure normal routes for the untagged VLANS....anyone have any experience with this setup?


    1)Do I need a layer 3 switch to relay information outbound from my Tagged/Untagged VLANS going through Untangle ??
    2)Can this setup work for Inbound NAT for services like web/mail that reside on those tagged/untagged VLANS on L2 switch??
    3)IPsec and OpenVPN services (Server to Server and Server/Client) onf pfsense box continue to work in this scenario??


  • I've never configured this, but I know that the latest release of Untangle (v10) has vlan support, so you shouldn't need a L3 switch.

    Pre v10, Untangle did strip vlan tags, so you had to terminate your vlans before it hit Untangle, but you should be good to go with v10.  I don't think you would need any special routing with the new version.

    VPN service should continue to work since UT is not your router.

  • thx for the info,

    Hopefully I wont need to do any special routing on the untangle box….


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