Need help setting up a temporary test configuration

  • I need to temporarily set up a test configuration at my office to test a configuration that will soon be deployed to a data center.  The IP ranges in configuration are:

    MyOfficePublicIP - my public IP address for my office.  I have no available public IPs to test with.

    NewDataCenterPublicIp - the public IP range that will be in my data center

    This is the configuration I want to set up:

      |                                        |
    pfSense w/ MyOfficePublicIP            other firewall w/ NewDataCenterPublicIP
    my private LAN

    I want all traffic to flow from my firewall to the Internet normally EXCEPT for the IP ranges in NewDataCenterPublicIP subnet.  I want to be able to test IPSec tunnels from my pfSense to the other firewall as well as other stuff (like HTTP and HTTPS).

    This is probably pretty simple to do like probably adding a route for this subnet to drop directly onto the switch (not to the default gateway) but I don't see how to do it.


  • Try System -> routing ->routes

  • sorry, in my younger days I would have been able to put 1+1 and come up with 7 but these days, not so much.

    what would the gateway be for this?

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