• I know this should be an easy question, but for me, a pfSense novice, I'm stumped.

    I have three NICs in pfSense, one for WAN and two for LANs. I have an FTP server behind the second LAN that I need to access from outside. If I understand pfSense correctly, I need to do two things. 1. Create a Firewall rule to allow FTP traffic and 2. Create a NAT rule to forward the external traffic to the FTP server's address. Is that about rght?

    I guess my questions is this: Do I need to make two Firewall rules, one for port 20 and one for port 21?

    Also…I get very confused in pfSense when creating rules about what is the source and what is the destination, so keep that in mind, please.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...I've searched on this forum and all over the Internet but haven't found an answer that I could make work.

  • I figured out how to get the basic connection to work. I can now open the FTP connection and log in but get no response to basic commands like 'dir'.
    Any idea what might cause that? I have verified that my FTP server is working (on my internal net), but nothing other than log in from external.


  • Got it…some sort of problem with client, other clients work fine.

    have a good day all!