PfSense into Zywall5

  • Hello  :) :),
    I recovered firewalls zywall5 and I wanted to see if it possible flash the firmware and load pfSense within them.
    The zywall5 has only one expansion slot for PCMCIA card (in the original where you can insert a PCMCIA wi-fi) so it may use a memory card with an adapter.
    The embedded microprocessor is a PRIXP422BB. Ethernet ports are managed by a 88E6060-RCJ1
    Maybe some forum user has already tried to insert PF in it and can give me some advice.

    Thank you all.


  • Ok i read the post :

    That generation of ZyWALLs are ARM based, so there's no chance of running pfSense on them. At some point in the future, FreeBSD on ARM may mature enough to use this sort of hardware, but these boxes are pretty small and limited by modern standards (they were launched in 2005, if I remember correctly).

    Nothing possibility to use this HW.



  • Netgate Administrator

    Exactly, no arm support in pfSense. You could look at openwrt as an alternative.


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