Radius, encryption between pfsense and radius server

  • Hi

    Using pfsense 2.1

    When Im setting up a captive portal with radius I have the option to encrypt the connection with MSChapV2 for exampple. Is there a way to encrypt the connection to a radius server added through the user management section in the webgui?


  • As far as I know the MSCHAPv2 is for security between a computer and the authenticator (CP, switch, WLAN-AP, …). This can be done on CP GUI.

    For the encryption between CP and RADIUS you have to configure the shared secret. An improvement RADSEC is not implemented in CP - as far as I know - and not implemented in freeradius 2.x. For this you probably need freeradius 3.x or any other RADIUS which supports that.

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