Mini PCI-e Ethernet cards anyone use them ?

  • Hi anyone run a Mini PCI-e Ethernet network cards with pfsense ?

    Just wanted to know if it was stable and reliable performance.

    I see a  Jmicron JMC250 one (Mini PCI-e PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller Card)


    Syba SD-MPE24031 Mini PCI-e to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

    Both gigabits,  but unsure if they will be pfsense supported ?

  • @Fevan:

    Both gigabits,  but unsure if they will be pfsense supported ?

    Those are probably a newer 8111 letter version which isn't supported in 2.1, and uh, realtek…nothx.

    Jetway makes an 82574L and even a dual port i350(!) in pci-e minicard, I see them selling for ~$40 and ~$85 respectively with RJ45 brackets provided.

    The dual is not bandwidth limited if you have a gen2 slot. I am a little bit wary of that internal cable being up to spec, but it can't be too bad or they would have left the market by now.

    I wish someone would make an expresscard NIC with a good chipset, could turn a lot of corporate laptops into easy instant routers.

  • thx for reply

    I checked the Jmicron one and it uses the  Jmicron JMC250 chipset which freebsd supports on the hardware list.  Appears as a Jmicron network device under device manager also.

    I guess am still on my question to sort out my pfsense build :)

  • I just bought one of these to test out with my Intel NUC. It Should work and from the datasheet I was able to find it doesn't seem like its locked to any specific motherboard make/model.