• Hi,

    I run a Soekris net6501-70 1.6 GHz CPU.
    I have a 60/10 cable connexion.

    Without the traffic shapper enabled I get a speed test of 62.31 / 10.62, which is normal…

    As soon as I enable the traffic shaper I get ~30/10...

    I removed the shapper done by the wizard and then I set the LAN to 60 Mbits and create a queue also at 60 Mbits and put the queue as default. And the problem occur.

    I then suspected the CPU, went to the console using top the CPU never get over 20% while running the speedtest...

    Here are some pictures...
    LAN Interface setup, Queue setup, Queue status showing drops, and two speed test one with traffic shaping and the other without...

    Please help me!

  • pfSense version? I have read that the latest version messes up the bandwidth limits. Increase the assigned bandwidth to a higher value and test again, to see if the speedtest value increases

  • Try and uncheck this for each queue in your traffic shaper:
    Explicit Congestion Notification

    Then test again.

    You will probably see that you now get close to your max speed.

    Aparently the "Explicit Congestion Notification" need all network equipemnt to be configured just right to work as intended. If just one piece of equipment drops packets at a lower treshold your will see significantly lower speeds.

    Please try and post your findings