How to update Sarg package without losing my existing setting?

  • Hello all…
    I already have Sarg Installed: 2.3.6 pkg v.0.6.3  and working fine. I want to update to Available: 2.3.6_2 pkg v.0.6.3 with out losing my existing setting. Just update Sarg package thats all. Because I do not know how to use console & its hard to config sarg with squid without console.  How can I do this?

  • The upgrade should work fine. package settings are preserved and report dir too.

    if you want, backup your existing settings(pfsense xml backup), package and files(tar -cvzf /root/sarg.backup.tar.gz /usr/local/pkg/sarg* /usr/local/sarg-reports) before upgrade.

  • Thanks for reply…
    I can't see any update package option in sarg any where. So how do I update sarg package only? Do I have to uninstall old and download the new package or just click on new package and it will install a new over old sarg package keeping old setting?...Thank You

  • Just click 'reinstall this package' on system -> packages

    The latest version is 2.3.6_2 pkg v.0.6.3

  • Thank You for your help :)