PFsense 2.1 Physical new build. No, firewall rules work at all. ~ HELP ~

  • I have sat here for hrs going through all the info i can find to get a basic PF 2.1 up and running with just basic services.  HTTP, DNS, E-mail ( Outlook Client )  I have set up DNS, DNS Forwards, DHCP so on and so forth.  I can not get  on service to work at all.  I know i have my LAN and WAN  set up and working.  From the PF Server it's self I can ping IP's once that LAN / WAN static IP's are set. Then from the GUI i can get  DNS to resolve. Yet that is it.  That is all i can do.

    I could use form help here.  I am not sure what I am missing yet i am sure it's more then one  item for nothing to be working.

  • First create a firewall rule on LAN interface from any to any with any ports.
    Place this rule on top of all other rules.

    Test if internet connection is working. If it is working you can post your firewall rules on LAN interface (screenshot) and tell us what you want to allow and block. Then we can help.

    In general the most important thing is that firewall rules will be proceeded from to to down. First rule which matches tarffic will be used.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Are your downstream clients using dhcp? Are they receiving the correct details?
    How are you configuring wan and LAN? Please hive more details.


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