Building a minimum kernel for pfSense

  • So I'm trying to build a minimum kernel config for pfSense with as few drivers and options as possible whilst having pfSense work.

    I have a bug in my build process when making a XENHVM kernel which is giving me a Fatal trap 12 on boot of the PVHVM kernel  (I have no problem running a vanilla freeBSD8.3 PVHVM kernel) using

    What is the mandatory minimum set of devices/options needed for pfSense to work?  All the files in conf/kernel seem to have a lot of drivers and other stuff in them.. so I'm trying to trim it right down.

  • Ok, I've run a trace on the kernel Fatal Trap 12 and have identified the problem.. although building a pfSense kernel with as few drivers as possible is still of interest.

    Providing a "pfSense_minimum.8" file would be great, to eliminate building all the 3g/ethernet/wifi drivers unnecessarily.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We don't test with any "smaller" kernels, so only what we have is guaranteed to work.

    That said, any drivers removed could be switched to modules and it might come out OK. Maybe.

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