Problem with bitmask 30

  • My ip config:

    When i configure pfsense with it (bitmask 30) i can ping modem (141) but nothing behind him.
    When i use bitmask 2 i can ping some www site. All port are blocked by modem.. When i use bitmask 29 i can ping all and any port aren't blocked.

    I dont uderstand it.. Why it work on other netmask?! And why not work on my mask??

  • It should be configured with whatever your ISP gave you to put in.  A netmask of /29 vs /30 changes the network id.

    You also said "When i use bitmask 2 i can ping some www site"…. what is "bitmask 2"?

  • bitmask 2 i mean /2

    When i use /30 (like i get from my ISP) it wont work… (on tp-liink router works well, on pfsense wont work)

  • We're missing some details…  So, when you were on your tp-link router was your WAN set to DHCP?  Or are you paying for a static IP block?

    /2???  A mask of /2 would include almost every IPv4 address out there.... you wouldn't be using that.

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