CARP pfsync interface - virtual interface over VLAN?

  • All,

    A few years back I successfully ran CARP between a 3-ethernet WRAP platform and a VMware-based PFSense VM, using a dedicated pfsync link between the two.

    In the mean time I've upgraded to a faster ALIX, but with only 2 Ethernet. I do have a couple of VLAN capable managed switches that I use in my house, but I have not yet started using the VLAN capabilities.

    Would it be feasible to create a VLAN interface on PFSense for my pfsync, and assign that to either my WAN or LAN physical interface, and pipe that between my ALIX and a VM? I will try this myself, but it's going to take downtime on my WAN to get this all plumbed correctly, and if this is a known-bad scenario, maybe I shouldn't even go there.

    The idea here is to get the WAN connection over to my ESXi server (in my office) as well as to the PFSense ALIX (in the main wiring closet) but allow a VLAN for CARP PFSync.

    So, will pfsync work over a virtual interface? I've been warned against running it on WAN or LAN side, so is VLAN feasible?

    Thanks in advance, experts!

  • Yes it does (answered it myself)