Pfsense Qemu routing troubles

  • Hi im new to pfsense, and im having some troubles with connectabillity to my internal LAN
    PFsense is setup in a virtual environment using qemu KVM.

    The setup.
    debian wheezy w. GUI
    ip: br0)

    wan(re0): (dhcp br0 from host)
    lan(re1): (static with gateway:

    ospf quagga:
    ospf area router id:
    redistribute connected networks: yes
    redistribute default route:yes

    wan: area network:
    lan: area network:

    all packet filtering disabled

    management client on lan side:
    debian wheezy w. GUI
    ip: (static)

    the problem is that i cant connect to clients on lan side of pfsense from clients connected to the network, not even ping request are responded, i'm only allowed to ping from the host. i'm currently trying to ping the wan of pfsense without succes, even though i am able to ping the host on

    please tell me if more info is needed.

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