• Hello,

    I'm about to start up a small website hosting company and I'm just wondering what you all thought would be a better route to take.

    Either I go with two ITX (quad core i5 w/ 8gb DDR3 & 3 total nic ports each) or should I just have two pfsense VMs on two of my main servers (36gb ram ECC 2x 6-core xeon, most have at least 6 nic ports, but a few have 8 ).

    I currently have the hardware to go in either direction, but I don't know in practice what will be the best way to go about this. I don't currently have an estimate on the amount of users i'll be having, but seeing as it's web server traffic I suspect my hardware requirements will be a lot lower than people who are setting up their pfsense for more of an ISP deployment.

    Any ideas/guidance?