VoIP Issues with Internet Disconnecting - Trunk does not reconnect

  • Hi everyone
    I am having a bit of an issue with my setup. Here is what my current rig looks like:
    WAN1 (Cable Internet, 50/5Mbps, Static IP)  ->>    PfSense (Tier 1 Failover)
    WAN2 (LTE Verizon Connection, 30/5, NonStatic) ->  PfSense (Tier 2 Failover)

    I have a Asterisk (FreePBX) PBX behind my pfSense box. From time to time our cable internet goes out, and the rest of the office fails over to the LTE connection flawlessly. I have contacted the SIP provider and they said they cannot support my trunk reconnecting to them from another IP so quickly. I was (not really..) okay with that and left it at that.

    The problem I am facing is, when WAN1 goes down, and then comes back online, my trunk does not automatically re-register unless I clear the states in pfSense. Does anyone know why this may be?

    Sometimes this happens at 2AM at night, and we don't open until 9AM. We tend to get a lot of call volume between 7 and 9AM.

    If anyone has any ideas for this, it would be greatly appreciated


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