Problem with portwarding…

  • Hey, i'm completely new to pfsense. I decided to install it yesterday, so far it is running fine, but i can only portfoward port 80 for some weird reason…

    What i have tried is the following:

    1. Going into  Firewall > NAT > Add

    Protocol: TCP/UDP
    Destination port range: 27015, 27015
    Redirect target IP:
    Redirect target port: 27015
    NAT reflection: use system default(which is disabled.)
    Filter rule association: Rule NAT test

    Hope someone can help!

  • Anyone?

  • What is your network setup ??

    modem internal IP … <-> pfsense WAN IP <-> pfsense LAN IP <-> webserver IP ?

  • My setup:


    Well, i got some of the ports to work, but i still have problems with teamspeak 3 port 9987, and port 993 (imap with ssl). The problem seems to be something on my server but i am not sure, because when i have port forwarded a port the connection changes from "Connection timed out" to "Connection refused".

    See attachment for more info :)

    Blue line indicates that the port works.
    Please help.

  • The same problem here.
    The same environment.

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