Not exactly traffic shaping, but maybe?

  • Hey, my name is Josh and I am a sysadmin for a small computer repair shop/wisp/all kinds of stuff. I run two pfsense boxes, both running the newest version, exact same hardware I believe. (at least really close) Anyways, the box that my wisp runs through is slowing my speed down a ton! At first I thought I had missed a traffic shaping rule somewhere and some kid on the wisp was torrenting a whole bunch and killing it for everybody, but I audited and checked all my traffic out, everything was good. So I have been trying to find an issue within the router (main network to router to pfsense to customer - basically) because I assumed that was the issue. I had disabled all filtering in the firewall just to test, and nothing changed. But finally just now I grabbed the cable directly from the router, and popped it into my laptop. I ran a speed test and bam! 20up 20down. plug it back into the firewall 4~up 10~down.. What could I be missing? I am not a pro at this at all, its my first real sysadmin job and I am going crazy under the stress of 200 customers having dial up speeds :(

  • Just installed to a brand new box, copied the config, same issue. So it has to be config side :(

  • Duplex mismatch?

  • Are you using the traffic shaper?

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