• Hey all,

    So I decided to upgrade my PFSense box to 2.1-Release. I've noticed that my Dansguardian is now showing a blocked page for ads. I can't for the life of me remember how I disabled this previously.

    I've found /usr/share/dansguardian/languages/LANGUAGE/template.html

    however this does not seem to change anything when edited. I don't mind showing a blocked page for pages that have been blocked but showing 'access denied' all over the place per/ad is not preferable. :)

    I see in the dansguardian config file options to replace blocked images with transparent1x1 gif. Which I am also guessing is not working; hence the ads. :P

    Anyone able to help me figure this out? Would be greatly appreciated.


  • Is this the correct location for the template files? I also found this:


    Not sure what pbi is.

    Anyway hope someone can help!


  • On 2.1 all packages are under pbis.

  • Hey Marcelloc,

    Thanks for your response. Not sure why I didnt try the PBI files before.

    Editing the template file seems to work now.

    So I am able to display a blank page for blocked content.

    Any idea why the ads image replacement feature does not work?

    # Banned image replacement
    # Images that are banned due to domain/url/etc reasons including those
    # in the adverts blacklists can be replaced by an image.  This will,
    # for example, hide images from advert sites and remove broken image
    # icons from banned domains.
    # on (default) | off
    usecustombannedimage = on
    custombannedimagefile = '/usr/pbi/dansguardian-amd64/share/dansguardian/transparent1x1.gif'
    #Banned flash replacement
    usecustombannedflash = on
    custombannedflashfile = '/usr/pbi/dansguardian-amd64/share/dansguardian/blockedflash.swf'

    Any help would be great!