Alter NAT and PortForwarding if a server is down.

  • We've been tinkering around with pfsense to use it as our main router distribution and so far has been perfect for our needs, the only thing that I know it's not a limitation of pfsense, maybe a design flaw?… or maybe im skipping something big here.

    Our network would be WAN --> PFSENSE --> SERVER 1 / SERVER 2

    WAN (Dynamic IP address)

    SERVER 1 IP:
    SERVER 2 IP:

    Any IP below the pfsense (<80) is outside the DHCP pool and its to be used for static ip's, anything above 80 is for DHCP pool.

    The thing is we have portforward and NAT for the SERVER 1, and we do the filtering in the pfSense box... do you guys have any idea on how could I make it so that if SERVER 1 goes down, I can change the NAT and portforwarding rules change to go to SERVER 2?

    My ideas where either use VPN so i'd do it to a VPN ip, and if one of the server's fall the other one will be able to connect with that ip and everything will work as expected or using alias with URL and have the table in another machine checking if any of the server falls, and changing that alias accordingly.

    Hope this more or less explains my scenario.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Services > Load Balancer. That's exactly what it does.

  • jimp

    Thank you for the straight forward reply… how did I miss that  ??? and i've been around pfsense for like 2 years now... I just never tried this... and been bumping my head against this for a while...

    I guess I kind of ignored it as I thought it was for multiple pfsense's?... actually I have no idea what happened in my head...

    Again, thanks for the reply!.

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