PFSENSE 2.1 Wan randomly changes (static)

  • We upgraded (fresh install) to 2.1 over the weekend, and things went smoothly.

    Over the last two days we have seen the IP on the wan (dashboard) change to one of our Alias IP's when this happens (twice today already) the intranet stays cohesive, however the internet drops. The server logs show no info in regards to this change, or any change.

    I have seen only one other post on another board in 2.1 beta from a year ago, that stated that this was purely cosmetic and causes no issues. However the only fix we have is a reboot, which is killing clients.

    Thoughts and prayers welcome!

    Details: Static WAN address, no changes logged in the system logs system general. But when we see the change on the dashboard is when the firewall breaks. No states can be opened after the change happens but active states are fine. Nothing seems to actually be changing.

    Where should we be looking when this happens? I am at a bit of a loss.

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