Broken 'at' command

  • Hello,
    I've noticed that 'at' command seems to be broken in pfSense builds, latest one included.
    According to the official FreeBSD Man Pages, the 'at' command is based on several components:

         Note that at is implemented through the cron(8) daemon by calling
         atrun(8) every five minutes.  This implies that the granularity of at
         might not be optimal for every deployment.  If a finer granularity is
         needed, the system crontab at /etc/crontab needs to be changed.

    Both atrun and the entry in /etc/crontab are missing, hence the 'at' command doesn't carry out any tasks.
    Can be restored in a CVS snapshot, so the next official RC will be fixed?
    I also wrote on the mailing-list some time ago, but I received no answer about it. I need it. ::)

    Thank you! ;)

  • atrun is there.

    You just need to add a cron entry to your config.xml to run it.

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