Kicked out of VPN while adding interface

  • This has happened twice… first time I thought I messed something up. I'm working on a friends pfSense box and I'm in via OpenVPN. I've added a few VLANs and I'm going to add them as interfaces. I click the +, drop it down and select the interface. When I hit save though, my VPN connection drops and I can't get back in. My buddy then has to delete the interface and restart OpenVPN to allow me access again. Seems I can't add VLAN interfaces.

    I'm running pfSense on a Proxmox box.

  • When you add a new interface on the Interfaces->Assign page, it picks the next unassigned NIC device name, or OpenVPN or… It actually does some work underneath at that point, before you have selected the interface device that you really want, and before you press save. If the next one happens to be the OpenVPN link that you are connected over, then I think you die, because the system starts using that new OPTn in some way as the OpenVPN and of course it has no pass rules, or something like that.
    I remember a long thread in the forum discussing this in the last couple of months.
    If your friend on the LAN side can do the assign interface, then you can get back in and do the rest.

  • Excellent, I'll try that tonight. I'm also doing a temporary measure by using NX and going to setup a VM to come in and pull up a remote desktop. I'll post results and what I did when I get this done. Thanks!

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