Connect from behind pfsense to linksys rv042

  • I am trying to connect from behind pfsense 1.2-BETA-2 to a linksys RV042 VPN gateway device.  The linksys has a fixed IP and so I am wondering if this can be done.  I am configuring this laptop client that is behind the pfsense box to use at coffee shops etc.  Basically a road warrior laptop.

    Am I basically flawed in my understanding that I can connect this laptop that does not have a routable IP address through pfsense to a VPN gateway.

    I am using the client software that came with the linksys


  • I recently did this.  It was really a challenge.  I was using a netgear 380 vpn router.  It was a realy pain to get configured.  It took me about 14 hours to get it running.  The vpn's tunnels between pfsense and the netgear about killed me. 

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