Pppoe 4 Wans X2 disconnecting

  • Hi not sure if im going round the bend.

    I have just upgraded from 2.01 (Good working systems)  to version 2.1 we have four WAN's each with an ADSL Draytek V120 modem and our WAN's 2 & 4 keep disconnecting and then reconnect for no reason arpinger shows it has gone down and then a few seconds later it is back up.  At first I did an upgrade via the GUI and after experiencing this issue i decided to do a new install and then restore my config without the packages.

    Has anyone experienced this before?

  • Are all of them different ISPs? How many NICs are these connected to? Any network equipment between WAN and modem, such as a switch?

  • Hello timthetortoise many thanks for the prompt reply.

    WAN1, WAN2 & WAN3 are EntaNet
    WAN4 is AOL

    There is no switches between the modems and the pfSense and each ADSL modem is on its own dedicated Intel NIC.

    They were stable before the upgrade i have just disabled WAN2 but WAN3 still keeps going on and off also tried disabling the monitoring in the gateways but WAN3 still goes off and back on for a few seconds at a time.

  • Can anyone help please?

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