Thanks to PFS, my 20Mb is now 200Gb :-) (Bug?)

  • G'evening all you fine people of the greatest firewall/router/ids in the world  ;D

    After having upgraded to 2.1 recently (from 2.0.3), I notice the traffic shaper status (status/queues) has given me gigabits of speeds, both up and down, whereas according to my contract with my ISP I only have 20/2 Mbit. Contrary to that, the status/queues tells me I am currently downloading with 263 Gbit/sec  :-X

    As much as I would like to be the backbone of the internet myself, I doubt these are the correct numbers. I've read in a different thread (which I tried to find again to report my experiences there but couldn't find anymore), that I am not the only one who sees numbers like this.

    So my humble guess is: a bug?

    Bye  ;D

  • Hmmm. Wanted to add a screenshot, but it appears after some time I am no longer allowed to modify my post. So I have to reply to it for the screenshot. This is not meant to bump  ;D

  • Same with me.
    Even the RRD graph shows bandwidths of 600Mbps. I only have 100Mbps.

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