• Hello,

    I've been experiencing major problems with nasty file system corruption. My machines aren't being properly shut down, but I expected UFS to better behave in those situations. I've lost track of how many times an installation got to an irrecoverable state after a hard halt or reboot.

    I've been researching on possible solutions. One of them might be soft updates for UFS. Why isn't soft updates used by default on pfSense? Any special reason?


  • Softupdates is an option during the install.  Click on the Advanced button during partitioning.

  • speaking of which, I've had the same issue in some testing.
    Is UFS with softupdates the recommended way to fix this?
    Or is there another file system/option I should be using?

  • What it picks as default is what is recommended.

    I have never had corruption such as this and I turn units off and back on all the time to test this.

    In addition, there is a thread recently which talks about this.  Can't remember if it was on the mailing list or here but Holger always turns his rig off by a power strip and also has never ran into this.

  • Ok, i go with defaults during the install.
    Once, I even had it happen in a VM. (powered off, booted, no dice).  I of course restored to snapshot, so i have no record of that.
    If it happens again, I'll post more info on it, maybe even the machine image.
    Thanks for the info!

  • i have noticed this happen quiet a lot as well.

    the /conf soft link to /cf/conf seems to die for me.
    i have found deleting the /conf (file come folder that is left)
    and remake it. then cp /cf/conf/config.xml to the /conf folder.

    are we on the same page here, or are our issues different.

  • What are we talking here, embedded or full installs?

  • full installs