• Hello all, i'm new to pfsense, and was hoping I would at least get it configured before I started asking noobish questions…

    I've installed pfsence, but I'm unable to access the web interface from the LAN, the laptop that I have connected to the LAN interface picks up a ip address via DHCP and when I run pfTop it shows udp connections coming in.

    The pfsense machine is able to ping the internet, but not the host. I've tried different network interfaces, and laptops but they all have the same result.

    Is there something i'm missing?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Is the pfSense wan using a public IP?
    If it's behind another router it must have a different subnet than the LAN. 192.168.1.X (the default LAN subnet in pfSense) is commonly used by other routers.


  • Ok so thats pretty embarrassing even by my standards  :-[ Thanks Steve