Ad filtering: in Squid or in Squidguard

  • G'evening fine people fans of the finest firewall in the world  ;D

    My brain is sort of going into spontaneous hibernation whenever I think about my problem  :-X

    So I was hoping somebody would be willing to help me out with this:

    Currently I am using Squid 2.7 to filter ads, following this:,68575.msg375305.html#msg375305

    This works very well. I even made a script that automatically updates the ad block list, so I always have the latest acl's for squid.

    Now, somewhere in this fine forum I've read that Squidguard would actually be a better program, performance wise, to do the add filtering (I tried Dansguardian but removed it, as every so many hours I had to stop and restart it).

    But I have this problem. The Squid has this:

    ## disable ads ( );
    acl ads dstdom_regex "/etc/squid/ad_block.txt";
    http_access deny ads;
    #deny_info TCP_RESET ads;

    And the /etc/squid/ad_block.txt is updated automatically via the cron script.

    But in the Sguidguard GUI there is no option to enter this data. I can copy and paste in the list from manually, but then I need to do that manually every day. What I would like is the same as Squid is configured now, of course: the cron automatically updating the list, and the Sguidguard using it.

    So is there a config file I have to edit in the CLI, and will it not be overwritten when I change configuration in the GUI (I know Squid does that).

    And finally, is it possible to have both (the blocklist URL in the GUI) as well as the list of working together in squidguard?

    Otherwise, I think I would need to keep my current setup: have Squid do the, and on top of that have Squidguard do the shallalist. Provided that works, of course.

    Now you understand why my brain gets into spontaneous hibernation  ;D ;D ;D

    Thank you for any replies,


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