Pfsense 2.1 on VIA EPIA CN10000EG with Soekris LAN1641 packet loss

  • I have on one of the locations VIA EPIA CN10000EG with 4 port Soekris LAN1641 card running with no problems Pfsense 2.01 for some time now. Before that the same MB was running 1.2 for years with two Intel cards, no issues whatsoever. Yesterday, I tried to update to 2.1, fresh installation on new CF card, restored configuration. Packet loss on LAN1641 ports is HUGE to that degree that is unusable. Not sure at this point is it LAN card or MB issue because it is production system and I had limited time to perform upgrade. Instead, I installed 2.03 on the very same new CF card, restored configuration and everything is back to normal. It looks like it's not hardware problem, but something with software, possibly drivers. Anybody else with the same or similar configuration? Any problems? Any advice how to troubleshoot this? Soekris card is using DP83816 controllers and SIS driver.

  • To reply to myself, I was able to get another VIA EPIA CN10000EG motherboard and test it with Pfsense 2.1. No problems. So it is not motherboard. I did test it with Netgear FA111 NIC which uses single DP83815 chip and it works fine. So it must be something with drivers and/or Soekris NIC.
    Does anybody have problems with Pfsense 2.1 and that particular NIC?

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