PfSense 2.1 : Destination Host Unreachable from LAN

  • Hello everyone !

    I've just install pfSense 2.1 on Alix device.( It works fine!)

    My configuration :
    LAN Port : as DHCP server.
    WAN : IP from ISP with PPPoE connection.

    both interfaces are up.

    WAN is connected and pings outside.
    LAN is connected and pings inside.

    But I cannot ping from LAN to WAN –> Destination Host Unreachable.
    And WAN cannot reach my local machines (Firewall logs display that connections as blocked)
    pfSense can ping and traceroute from WAN interface but cannot from LAN.

    I added ICMP and DNS rules for all (* to *) : same issue.
    Same issue if  PF rules are disabled.
    I added DNS servers as OpenDNS and Google. Same issue.

    Is there something else I could do ?

    Updates :
    I compared with another firewall on production under pfsenes 2.0.3.
    This fw works fine and defined one Gateway only (WAN).
    The new fw has 2 gateways. one for LAn, one for WAN. I'll try to reduce to one and test it...

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And why would Lan have a gateway?  Do you have other lan networks that you need to get to?

    The install does not even ask you for this - so why did you put it on?  What did you put in?  Pfsense own address?