Internet Connection Drops Out Often (Limited Time to solve)

  • I recently started to experience frequent drops in connections with my internet. It all started after I changed my IP Addressing Scheme to 192.168.1.X /24 to 192.168.128.X/24. I also had to disable DHCP on my server because it wasn't working properly because it wasn't handing out IP Addresses (PFSense if handling that right now). I also put a media server up now cause I needed more room for my media. I was going to do my live stream sunday night but I kept getting disconnected. Keep in mind this problem started to happen AFTER I changed my IP Addressing Scheme. Any suggestions? and also my ping times keep spiking up past 100MS which is horrible for live streaming. I am also running the latest version of PFSense

    Update: Narrowed to my LAN. When I ping my router (The PFSense Box), the ping times are hitting pretty bad. over 100 ms i've been averaging. I also get an occasional request timed out