WebGui Temperature

  • Hello forum;

    I'm having a issue with the Webgui not displaying the right temperature,it's always 26.8 which is wrong. I did a little digging and found that  the utility might have a compatibility issues and that I should try a different one,so I gave k8temp a try and it gave me a accurate temperature. This is fine,but I don't want to have to drop down to the CLI every time I want to see how hot I'm running so the question is how can I modify the webgui to use k8 to check temperature rather then what is currently being used.

  • Just for info, my temps are currently showing as -1 oC! It's cold in the basement!

  • System > Advanced > Misc has the temp sensor option.

  • Figures it would be in the one place I never go to,thank you for the help.

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