Hello, my comcast ip didn't got renewel automatic by pfsense anybody have a fix?

  • Hello, my comcast ip didn't got renewel automatic by pfsense anybody have a fix?

  • Yup; change  your WAN MAC address.  Reboot both your Comcast modem and PFSense.  Or just reboot your Comcast modem and release and renew your WAN IP.

  • Thanks pete for providing us this solution because i am also facing the same problem. I hope after following pete instruction i will get solution of this problem.

  • All I did to get it working was Shut down both device the pfsense and the cable modem then I started up pfsense then after ward I held in reset button of my cable modem it reset and stored mac address of my pf sense to cable modem and haven't had a problem since last time I post here.

    Depend on cable modem you have for comcast but here one that might work like i said depend the modem mine is modem plus voice i cant remember the name of the modem/voice device but this might work for some people. http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/internet/power-cycling-your-modem/

  • Power cycling modem and router/firewall should do the trick 99% of the time. Shut both down then power up the modem and wait until it is fully booted before powering up the router/firewall.

    On a side note, whenever I set up new edge device my IP changes (the modem sees a new MAC address). I then clone my MAC address from like 10 routers ago and reboot the modem and it issues me the same IP that I've been using for years. Comcast won't sell me a static without converting to a business class connection but my dynamic has been essentially static, so why bother?

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