Possible bug: blocking bogon network allows pfSense admin access via WAN

  • Version 1.0.1

    If you turn on the "block bogon network" option from the WAN interface configuration, it allows access to the WebGUI and SSH (if turned on) from the WAN.  Even if there's no other rule for the WAN or if you create a specific block rule for the WAN address, it allows access.

    Is this a known bug?  ???

    (reboot required to test the change in bogon option)

  • I'm reasonably certain it doesn't. Loads of things have been fixed since 1.0.1, but there haven't been any issues with traffic being permitted that wasn't explicitly allowed in your rules.

    1.0.1 isn't recommended, you should use 1.2RC3 from here:

    and then if you're still seeing that, post back.

  • Nevermind…it appears to have been a routing issue.  Thanks.

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