No route to internet but internet working ??

  • Lan =
    WAN - static (adsl router is

    all the pc's can browse the internet and ping sites no problem. PFSENSE cant though ??

    if i ping from a shell i get 'no route to internet'

    What i done wrong ?

  • If outbound NAT is set to manual, check that you have an entry for

  • NAT is automatic.

    I must admit pfsense is really frustrating at times, when it wont just 'work' with a normal vanilla install.

    Any more ideas its driving me crazy ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    How are you testing the pfSense box's connectivity?
    Do you have any custom firewall rules in place or just the default LAN to any rule?
    Two things that can cause this:
    The pfSense box will always use the system routing table where as connections from downstream clients can be directed to a particular gateway. If the default gateway is wrong or not present that can give these symptoms.
    If the pfSense box has IPv6 connectivity it can default to trying to use that. If that connectivity is not correct that can show as this. Try: