One PFsense, two WANs, separate traffic?

  • We have two Comcast connections, one for staff traffic and one for public traffic. I set up a simple multi-WAN with no failover or load balancing etc. Both WAN interfaces are set to DHCP and my VLAN firewall rules route traffic to a specific gateway based on the group. The problem is, my computer (on mgmt VLAN, for example) seems to use WAN1 one day then WAN2 another day. Should I eliminate the "net to net" firewall rules in my VLANs and LAN?
    I have static IPs from Comcast, would setting those be a good idea too? Currently WAN1 and WAN2 use the same IP because they got it via DHCP from their respective Comcast modems. Any help would be appreciated.

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