Triggering custom actions based on packet loss, other metrics in pfSense

  • I would like to have a package that allows us to trigger actions and scripts based on the states of certain metrics in the firewall.

    For example, reboot a cable or DSL modem when certain situations are detected, or simply on a timed schedule.

    I have found nothing that promises this functionality in my searches.


  • For doing anything on a timed schedule, simply install the Cron package. Then you can use the GUI to add Cron jobs/commands to do whatever (reboot…) at the times you want. Of course, if it is another device that you want to reboot then it has to have some way to trigger a remote reboot rom a FreeBSD script running on pfSense.

    I suppose it would be quite possible to enhance the gateway advanced parameters so that custom actions could be invoked when a gateway alarm went off (apinger alarm). That would be a feature request - describe in more detail what things you would want to be able to do and if there are enough people who would use something similar then someone might take it on.

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