Is it possibl to NAT redirect UDP 53 > UDP 1194 to get around Public AP Security

  • I have OpenVPN running on UDP/1194 and that works great.

    Problem is sometimes ill be at a hospital waiting room, or starbucks and they obviously block everything unless you sign in. I don't always want to do this. Is it possible to create a NAT Rule on my WAN int to redirect UDP/53 to UDP/1194?

    If so, what would the rule look like? Whats my destination IP?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Sure that works fine.

    In that case it's best to bind OpenVPN to Localhost or your LAN IP, and setup port forwards for udp/1194 and udp/53 both on WAN to point to the actual IP where OpenVPN is listening (e.g. for localhost, or your actual LAN IP)

    The newer versions of the OpenVPN Client Export package have a choice for automatically building a config that includes all port forwards targeting a VPN server, so it could create a client configuration for you to use that would try both ports.