Port forwarding

  • I am having trouble port forwarding rdp port 3389

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    And have you gone through the troubleshooting guide?


  • yeah I have tried the trouble shooter and still can't get now where I check the port with a port checker iuse from the internet

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    Well without some details, it is impossible to help you..

    It really is click click to forward a port…  So either you did not let pfsense create the firewall rule, your box your forwarding to is not allowing the traffic..  Common issue, since default windows firewall is not going to allow remote desktop from different network segment.

    Your isp is blocking it, your behind a double nat, you forwarded to the wrong IP.  Etc.. etc..

    Going to need some DETAILS of what you looked at, etc.  For starters post up your wan firewall rules, your port forwards.

    Have you sniffed on pfsense and verified that the traffic gets to your wan, etc.  Do you even have a public IP address on pfsense wan, or did you just plug it into your existing nat router?


    On side note - opening of remote desktop to the public internet is not a very security conscience thing to do, and I would not recommend it to be honest.  If you need remote access to your network, you should VPN into your network.

    edit: This is really all there is to forwarding.. Click Click -- took all of 20 seconds to do.  So if not working you need to give us some details to help you figure out why..  There are many many reasons why it wouldn't work..

  • this is how I have mine setup

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    And is your wan IP address even public?

    Details dude - I can not help you without details..    Is your firewall on allowing for rdp from OUTside its own network segment..

    Are you seeing traffic on the wan of pfsense – these things to verify and check, that take all of couple of minutes to do..  For all I know your is not even listening for remote desktop.

    Or your behind a double nat and pfsense has a address on its wan, etc..  Maybe you have lan rules that are blocking traffic outbound on 3389.

    You need to go through the troubleshooting info and figure out what your doing wrong.  If you can not figure it out from that, if you PM me I would be happy to team viewer into one of your boxes that has admin rights to the pfsense and take a look see.  tmrw is turkey day so that is out - but rest of the weekend is open for me..

    Happy to take a look if you want.

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