Advanced Outbound NAT : Static Port

  • This is a newb. question I'm sure, but what affect should checking the Static-Port box for an AON do?

  • I guess, I'll say a little more …what is the difference if you have a rule for destination port 12345 and set NAT port to 12345 or simply check static port it the same thing?

  • I am new to all this myself but my understanding, someone correct me if I am wrong, is that when it is unchecked the box makes random ports for the outgoing connections. This is more secure because say if someone was following your traffic they would get lost in it because it changes the port number.

    If you check that, it will force it to use the same port number.

    Some things dont like the port changing like that but a lot of home routers do it even…

    Hope that helps, maybe someone will chime in if I am off..

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