WAN sets up fine, so does LAN, but Win2K comp connected to the LAN doesn't see..

  • …a connection; just says media state unplugged.

    It is connected the the LAN port, and I've tried setting a static, and DHCP.

    LAN's IP is, and I'm using a straight through cable.

    I can connect a NAS running FreeNAS, which is also BSD based, and if that's connected to the LAN port, the PFsense and the NAS can ping each other.

    Why can't the win2K comp see the LAN?

  • use a crossover cable

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    use a crossover cable

    I tried a cross over cable as well, and the win 2K box still doesn't pick it up.

    I tried a cross over between my router and NAS, and they can no longer ping each other.

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