Guide: Mumble: Installing Murmur on pfsense

  • Hi,
    i managed to have a fully working murmur server on my pfsense box.
    Not sure if this is good practice but here it is:
    Read this disclaimer:

    -First we need to install The "shellcmd" package from the pfsense webgui. we will need this later to start the daemon(service).

    -Second we need to download the Freebsd ports list from repository
    I did this from the shell, on a putty console from windows
    Enable secure shell from the webgui -sytem -advance -Admin access -Enable Secure Shell(check) -Save and apply.
    Download the putty .ZIP file containing all the binaries (for windows)
    -Extract and run putty.exe
    -input your pfsense LAN ip adress in putty and clic open
    -log in with your pfsense admin credential (user:admin , password)

    Copy and paste in putty:

    fetch -o - "" | tar zxf - -C /usr


    pkg_add -r murmur

    ***ALTERNATIVELY you could just paste this for Freebsd 8.3 based PFSense:

    pkg_add -r

    Let the magic do it's work and go back to the webgui once done.

    Go to -Sevices -Shellcmd add a command (+)

    murmurd -ini /usr/local/etc/murmur.ini



    -Add a WAN firewall rule for murmur
    -firewall - rules -WAN -(+) -protocol: TPC/UDP -source:ANY -Destination:WAN address -Port range:64738 to 64738.
    PoRt rAnGe must match port you setup in murmur.ini…

    -Now go to -Diagnostics -Edit Files
    Browse to "/usr/local/etc/murmur.ini" and edit the file (config for murmur)
    It should work out of the box but i usualy set bandwith to 48000, you could also set a server password...


    Reboot and you are done.

    -Administration from Mumble
    You will need to set the SuperUser password for murmur if you intent to administer you server...:)
    In PFSense webgui go to -Now go to -Diagnostics -Command prompt

    Paste this and replace "yourpasword" with yours.

    murmurd -ini /usr/local/etc/murmur.ini -supw yourpassword


    Login to murmur from Mumble with the user: SuperUser , and yourpassword

    For more detail go to murmur wiki

    ***Note: *** if you set uname=murmur in murmur.ini, the server does not seem to work..
    To fix this i change the permision for the database file of murmur from execute command in webgui :

    chmod a+rw /var/db/murmur/murmur.sqlite

    Then you can set uname=murmur in murmur.ini to run the server in user mode instead of root.

    Will edit this post if needed.


    For PFsense 2.3.2**

    You will need putty and winscp

    Log into shell with putty, we need to install all the dependencies first.

    pkg install icu
    pkg add
    pkg add
    pkg add
    pkg add
    pkg add
    pkg add
    pkg add
    pkg add

    Reboot pfsense

    Log into pfsense with winscp
    create folder /var/db/murmur/
    (for some reason it's not created when installed)

    Log into PfSense shell with putty again

    murmurd -ini /usr/local/etc/murmur.ini

    To set superuser password

    murmurd -ini /usr/local/etc/murmur.ini -supw yourpassword

    You can edit your murmur.ini by browsing with winscp right clic and edit /usr/local/etc/murmur.ini

    -Add a WAN firewall rule for murmur
      -firewall - rules -WAN -(+) -protocol: TPC/UDP -source:ANY -Destination:WAN address -Port range:64738 to 64738.
    PoRt rAnGe must match port you setup in murmur.ini…

    Works here.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Nice write up.  :)

    Any reason you didn't use the 8.3 specific package?


  • Thanks  :)

    I did not notice.  For some reason it seams like browsing the latest gave me this version.

    I also remember trying to fetch "http" but could not  make it happen. I need wget maybe.

    I will test this again maybe from a vm.

    Tested and working
    Will fix the first post. Thanks!

  • Wouldn't normally dredge up a dead topic but I think I'll try this vs using a VPS I have out in the cloud right now for Mumble/TS (probably condense down to just Mumble). Is anyone running this for long periods of time with success?


  • Are there any updated guides/steps on this?

  • Any updated guides for 2.2.5? I am still running 2.1.5 but do not want to upgrade unless I can install mumble on it. Thanks.

  • Updated for 2.3.2, see first post. :P

  • Thanks for this guide it really helped. I did run into a snag though on 2.3.3:

    If you follow the posted guide

    pkg install icu

    will install icu-58.2,1. This will then throw an error when you try to run murmurd.

    Unable to load library icui18n "Cannot load library icui18n: (Shared object "icui18n" not found, required by "murmurd")"

    To resolve this I issued:

    pkg remove icu

    Then added the icu package 55 as per rest of guide:

    pkg add

    I also had to re-add all the QT dependancies as listed above because the removal of icu also removed QT. Of course if you add icu-55 first there is no need to remove anything and the guide is still good.

    Hope this saves someone some time. I love Mumble and wish it could be a native package  :P
    ***For the observant; I added this to an i386 architecture. So be careful when copy-pasting!