Need help with monitor of dual wan

  • my cable company is using the phone company that provides my dsl as backbone cant figure out what to use as monitor ip addresses .
    it is set to latency/packet loss
    When cable modem goes down half the time gateway is fine there dns responds to pings next hop is common to both
    It seems that this common ip does not allow for good switch over even packet loss doesn't seem to trigger it well

    cable modem was messed up last night and caused issues  saying it couldn't allocate gateway address

    just looking for ideas maybe i missed something obvious

  • Hi,

    normally the monitor ip could be gateway IP of your WAN interface…
    If both WAN interfaces have same gateway then you should "randomly" use external IPs to get a monitoring up.
    As written in other threads the pfSense would set special routes for this monitoring IP to use only WAN1, WAN2,...WANn to this special IP.

    So you need to use an "always up" IP to guarantee monitoring is working.
    GoogleDNS could be offer IPs...,
    OpenDNS could also help:,
    or you use 2 different IPs of your provider...

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