Diagnostics: Limiter Info only shows 2 limiters

  • On 2.1 release, when you do a Diagnostics -> Limiter info it only shows two limiters, even if you have more than 2 setup in the Firewall -> Traffic Shaper setup?  Can anyone else confirm this, or is it something to do with my setup?

    I can delete and move limiters around, but it only always shows just two (not always the first and second one also).

  • I found that if I created a limiter with more than 100 in Queue Size than the limiter setup would freeze. That meening I could add or edit limiters, but they where not changed on the limiter info page and not taken into acocunt in the traffic shaper.

    Did you create a limiter with more than 100 in queu size?

    Else you have have found a new porblem.

    Good luck