Pfsense local dns server?

  • Please forgive my terminology, I only have basic understanding in this area and am trying to learn.

    Does pfsense have a dns server for local host names? Or just a cache server for WAN addresses?

    When I try to ping or do a nslookup for a local machine, I receive error  domain not exist.  Even when attempting to run a lookup of the host name of the machine I am on, it fails.

    Edit: I am stumped even more so now. I have 3 hosts, my pfsense system which I will label Host1, my desktop which I will label Host2, and my server which I will label Host3

    From Host2 I can run these commands

    Ping Host1
    this resolves to an IPv4 address and pings are successful

    nslookup Host1
    This will display the ipv4 address of my pfsense system

    ping Host3
    I receive the error Ping request could not find host Host3. Please check the name and try again.

    nslookup Host3

    *** can't find Host3: Non-existent domain

    Now from Host3 I can do the same as above with same results, however when I ping Host2 it will resolve to an IPv6 address and will be successful.

  • Found my answer hidden in the DNS forwarder settings to register local systems in DNS.

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