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  • Hi,

    I have decided to try and build a cheap router to try and overcome the bottle neck I encounter.

    I presently own an asus RT N16 I have a vpn permanently connected and download at a max 0f 10.1 mb.

    So in my search of building my own cheap router I have a couple of questions someone more knowledgeable might know.

    I have been looking at a mini itx with an intel atom D2500 with 1gb of ram or Intel Dual-Core Celeron 847 with 1gb of ram using dd-wrt x386.

    Would either of these be powerful enough to run the router from my present speed of 10.1mb to 60.0mb, 60mb is the speed I get without vpn connected.

    Hope someone can help

    Thanks Paul

    PS Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong thread

  • You don't have the wrong thread, you have the wrong forum.  This is a site for pfSense, not DD-WRT.

    The answer to your question while running pfSense though is in one direction, yes, both, no.  The bottleneck may well be your provider though as many aren't capable of pushing that much traffic.

  • Hi

    Sorry I Meant pfsense Just been doing so much research had ddwrt on the brain at the time of writing ;D

    So in your professional opinion which would you go for ? The atom with Intel nic or celeron with realtek nics

    I will also add I get full VPN speed through my main PC when not routed through the router using open VPN. It would be nice to get 60mb instead of 10mb.

    Thanks Paul

  • The Celeron 847 performs similarly to the Atom, and is occasionally faster.  I'd say it's a tie between the 2 options if you're looking at the D2500CC with dual Intel NICs.

    A better option would be to look for the Celeron 1037 based boards or a Sandy/ Ivy Bridge Pentium dual-core based system.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The Atom will acheive ~50Mbps VPN. I would expect the Celeron to be slightly faster but I've never tested one, it will be <100Mbps. At those speeds the Realtek NICs will not be throttling the throughput at all but as said Intel NICs are preferable.


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