Can't burn install files to dsik

  • I am trying to install pfsense to an Astaro 120.  I found a topic in the forum that said I could not do it with a live CD and that would explain the problems I would have on booting up.  So I went and downloaded the file pfSense-2.1-RELEASE-1g-i386-nanobsd.img.gz.  When I unzip it in and try to burn it in Windows 7 or in Ubuntu it will not.  I keep getting the message it is an invalid file.  Can someone help me and tell me what I am doing wrong?  I check and didn't see any posts about it.  If I missed it please point me to the post.



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    What are you trying to write it to?
    The nanobsd images are supposed to be written to flash media such as a Compact Flash card or a USB stick. You can do that with an image writing tool such as Win32 Disk Imager.

    Do you have a link to the thread you referenced?


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    Ok, this post?,51012.0.html

    That is referring installing pfSense on the internal HD. It simply states that you can't do it by booting the cd directly on the device.
    That doesn't surprise me because the box doesn't have a vga port so you'd need to do something to make it use the serial console.

    Remove the drive, put it in something else. Install pfSense from the CD on the that box. Configure it to the point you can get to the webgui. In the webgui enable the serial console. Replace the drive in the astaro box. When you first boot it will probably complain the root partition couldn't be mounted and dump you at the <mountroot>prompt. Tell it where to find root and it will boot. Once booted edit /etc/fstab to fix the root location problem.


  • Thank you.  That did it I just changed the boot path to the correct device name and that fixed it.


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